Forensic Services:



Our experts are leaders in their field and cover all aspects of Biology including body fluid examination, the interpretation of DNA and blood pattern analysis (BPA). We are able to attend scenes of crime to assist in the location and interpretation of body fluids and have our own ISO 17025 accredited laboratories to carry out examinations in sexual offences, assault and other cases involving body fluids.  We also offer leading BPA training courses for practitioners at all levels.

Forensic Access offers a full range of Biology Services including:

  • Body Fluid Analysis
    • Screening and testing for the full range of commonly encountered body fluids including blood, semen, saliva, urine and vaginal material.
  • DNA Analysis
    • The full range of DNA profiling including low template DNA, Y-STR and Mitochondrial DNA.
  • Case Review and Interpretation
    • Reviewing prosecution work including the DNA profiling results and transfer and persistence issues.
  • Blood Pattern Analysis (BPA)
    • The analysis of blood patterns on clothing and weapons and interpretation at the “activity” level.
    • BPA training courses for practitioners of all levels from foundation to advanced level.
  • Scene Examination
    • Primary examination of scenes for the presence of body fluids, including luminol examination, blood pattern analysis, marks enhancement and fingerprint examination.
    • Re-examination of scenes and review of scene examination work.

Biology Experts

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