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Chemistry and Fingerprints

Chemistry and Fingerprints

The term "Chemistry" encompasses a large range of forensic disciplines from footwear comparison through to trace material such as paint and glass. Forensic Access covers the full range of these Chemistry disciplines and, in addition, is unique amongst independent forensic science providers in having its own Fingerprint Enhancement Laboratory, accredited by UKAS to the ISO 17025 standard.

Forensic Access offers the full range of Chemistry based disciplines and is unique amongst independent forensic suppliers in having its own Fingerprint Enhancement Laboratory.

Services include:

  • Fingerprints
  • Footwear
    • The comparison of footwear impressions from scenes with items of footwear.
    • The examination and comparison of footwear marks on bodies and clothing.
    • Enhancement and recovery of footwear marks at scenes.
    • Podiatry: “foot in shoe” examinations to establish the habitual wearer of items of footwear.
  • Glove and Tyre Marks
    • The comparison of recovered glove and tyre marks with gloves and vehicles.
  • Trace Examination
  • Toolmarks
    • The examination of marks and comparison with tools such as bolt croppers and screwdrivers to establish whether a particular tool has made the mark.
  • Damage
    • Examination of damage on clothing and other items to establish the cause of the damage and the instrument used to cause the damage.
  • Fires and Accelerants
    • Examination of scenes, vehicles and clothing to establish the origin and cause the fire and the use of accelerants.

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