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Our highly experienced team of firearms experts offer a full ballistics service from our own firearms facility and we are accredited by UKAS to the ISO 17025 standard. In addition to the laboratory based examinations, our experts will carry out scene interpretation, assist at post mortems and offer a full case review service.

One of the roles of our firearms experts is the classification of firearms, weapons and ammunition under the relevant firearms legislation.

This legislation within the UK can be complicated and requires a very detailed knowledge of the law as well as real expertise and experience in the examination and testing of these items. One of the most contentious areas tends to be whether or not a firearm can be considered to be an antique whilst another critical area in relation to air weapons is the accurate determination of the muzzle velocity.

Classification also extends to related items such as gas canisters and stun guns (electric shock devices) and can include functionality and test firing. The examination of a weapon can also establish, for example, whether or not it is an imitation firearm or whether it has been converted from an imitation firearm.

Firearms are encountered in a range of criminal and terrorism cases as well as non-criminal activities. An examination at the scene of a shooting, the post mortem or subsequent examination of exhibits can provide valuable information, including what type of weapon has been involved, how far the weapon was from the target and the trajectory of the shot. By comparing cartridges or bullets with weapons, it is also possible to establish whether or not a cartridge or bullet was fired by a particular weapon.

Forensic Access has some of the most experienced firearms experts in the country who have detailed knowledge of the firearms legislation. Our specialist facilities include a test firing range, a chronograph for muzzle velocity measurement and we are accredited to the ISO 17025 quality standard.

Forensic Access offers a full range of Ballistics services including:

  • Classification of Firearms, Weapons and Ammunition
  • Test Firing and Function Testing
  • Examination of Electric Shock Devices and Noxious Substances
  • Muzzle Velocity Measurement, Range of Fire and Trigger Pull
  • Comparison of Weapons with Cartridges and Bullets
  • Scene Examination and Post Mortem Attendance

Firearms Experts

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