Allen Hirson

Voice Recognition

Allen Hirson, a Senior Lecturer in Phonetics at City University in London has worked on around 1100 cases involving evidential speech recordings over a 23 year period and has given evidence at all levels from Magistrates to the International Criminal Court and International Commissions of Enquiry (e.g. in a case of a cockpit voice recorder).

He is Lecturer in Phonetics and Director of the Speech Acoustics Laboratory at this institution. He is also a Founder Member of the professional association overseeing Forensic Phonetics internationally (the IAFPA) and a serving member of the Board of Governors of the Expert Witness Institute. Work includes telephone recordings, covert recordings, handling matters of speaker identification, speech decoding and other matters. He has worked on some 21 languages other than English where he has collaborated with appropriate language specialists. As an independent forensic scientist he works roughly equally for the Prosecution and the Defence.

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