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Legal Lunches - Why you should challenge an SFR (September)

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18 Sep 2020 at 12:00Hrs

ONLINE WEBINAR - Friday Lunchtime

Our new Wednesday lunchtime sessions for legal professionals, hosted by Paul Southwood and Kendall Platt.

We've received a lot of requests for webinars at different times to suit those that are busy in the evenings. As such, we've created our 'Legal Lunches' series of short webinars on important topics available to listen to during your lunch breaks. 

12-12.40pm Friday, 18th September 2020. Hosted online for easy remote access.


These short 30-40 minute sessions are set up for legal professionals to discuss important topics of Forensic Science. We've taken the best bits of our Forensic Awareness Webinars and present them in a short accessible format to fit in with your schedule.

The use of SFRs in Forensics is mentioned in some of our longer webinars. Often the use and process around SFRs isn't well known, and there can be many pros and cons to their usage in the Criminal Justice System. Their presence in a case can suggest an area for an immediate review. This session discusses what an SFR is, why they are used, and what issues exist around them. Fundamentally it will help a legal professional spot part of a case where further examination might have to happen. All in 40 minutes.

You can register by clicking here.


Forensic Access provides a comprehensive range of forensic science, expert witnesses and consultancy services covering all scientific disciplines for legal professionals. We have a range of articles, webinars and soon podcasts for Legal Professionals to keep them informed and up-to-date on Forensic Science in the Criminal Justice System.

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