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TwitterChat - Understanding and Challenging DNA Evidence (June)

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25 Jun 2020 at 18:00Hrs


PLEASE NOTE: that this is an event running on Twitter, the Social Media Platform. To take part you will have to have a twitter account.

As we have moved our fantastic Forensic Awareness Seminar series online we were reminded that not everyone has an hour or two in the evening to put aside. During these challenging times we wanted to present a new way to engage with us and our content in a way that will fit into busy evening schedules.

Welcome to TwitterChat!

We will be running a twitter chat event alongside our live webinar: Understanding and Challenging DNA Evidence. By following the hashtag #ForensicWebinar on Twitter you will see key points, quotes and phrases from our live webinar direct into your device's feed. Using this hashtag you will also be able to ask live questions, and receive answers, during the Q&A session.

This twitter chat will take place at 6-8pm, 25th June 2020. 

Learn more about forensics whilst you're out for an evening walk, looking after the kid's dinner, or even if you are catching up with 'How to get away with Murder' on Netflix.

Hosted by Paul Southwood. Our Twitter account is @ForensicAccess

The live webinar session this twitter chat relates can be found here.

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