Forensic Services:



Forensic Access has some of the most experienced forensic scientists, who have worked within the leading UK forensic organisations. Our people understand not only their own areas of expertise, but also the requirements of the UK and international legal systems and how to design and implement efficient and effective processes that meet the necessary quality and accreditation standards.

Every requirement will be different and Forensic Access will work with clients to deliver bespoke solutions in the following areas:


We have designed and delivered many UK and international training courses, which have ranged from standard packages to bespoke training with full training needs analysis, tailored delivery, ongoing mentoring and competency assessments. We offer a full range of forensic training courses and mentoring packages covering all disciplines and work in partnership with academic institutions where necessary to provide a fully managed service for those clients who wish to undertake the training in the UK.

Quality Management and Accreditation

Our Quality Team have years’ of experience in setting up and managing quality systems to the relevant UKAS standards. We are able to assist customers in setting up their own quality management systems, preparing for accreditation, extension to scope exercises or meeting new requirements such as the Codes of Practice for Forensic Science Providers.

Laboratory Design and Build

Forensic Access’ experienced team understand the requirements to create an efficient and effective build that meets the specific needs of a forensic institution including health and safety, regulatory and licencing issues, anti-contamination requirements and quality considerations. Every project will have different requirements and we will work with you to create bespoke solutions that meet your needs.

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