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Forensics and Pandemics: The Prevention of Criminal Injustice

A short 5 minute read:

Independent reviews of prosecution scientific evidence are more important no…

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Questioning the Validity of Forensic Evidence

A short 3 minute read by Kendall Platt and Paul Southwood, Forensic Access.


“There is a need to …

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DNA Advancement and Streamlined Forensic Reports (SFRs)

A short 2 minute read:

James Beard discusses the advancement of DNA profiling and its impact on his…

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COVID-19 and Forensic Access Announcement

This is an update on our current position and operating model given the COVID-19 situation.

It is o…

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International Women's Day at Forensic Access

A short 2 minute read:


It was International women’s day last weekend (8th March 2020) and this y…

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